Zakaat Fund

Helping you fulfill one of the pillars of Islam

The Zakaat Fund managed by the Masjid collects Zakaat primarily from the inhabitants of Vallee des Pretres for eventual distribution to the needy inhabitants of the region.

The Zakaat Fund is managed strictly according to the Islamic rulings and is used mainly for helping needy muslim families through a monthly groceries programme and also to fund surgical operations, medical expenses, education costs, debt settlements and disaster relief for needy Muslim families.

Currently, fifty-two (52) needy families benefit from the monthly groceries programme based on the severity of their needs. A survey is conducted every year to re-evaluate the beneficiaries needs and adjustment are made in order to ensure the fund benefits those most in need.

For contributing to the Zakaat Fund, kindly liaise with the treasurer, Brother Habibullah on 5796 3111 or 5253 1734 or 241 8640.

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