Funeral Services

What you need to know for performing funeral rites and Swalaah at the Masjid.

Upon demise of a Muslim brother/sister in the community, kindly liaise with Brother Cassam on 240 7462 for the funeral Ghusl.

We recommend the services of Al-Ihsaan Funeral and Islamic services available on 217 4484 or 5421 1761. This organisation specialises in all funeral services for free. More details below:

For members of the Noor-e-Islam Benevolent and Welfare Society who pass away, their families are eligible for:

  1. A funeral grant of Rs 5,000.
  2. Funeral items (samaan: nats, wood planks, etc) free.
  3. Plastic chairs (qty: 100) free for 3 days.

When the members' spouse or dependent children pass away, the members are eligible only for the funeral items free of charge.

Memberd are required to notify Brother Habibullah on 5796 3111 or 5253 1734 or 241 8640 and submit copies of the Death Certificate to benefit from the above items. 

Non-members can avail of the funeral items at cost price and the plastic chairs at Rs 5/chair/day. Conditions apply.

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