Nikah Services

What you need to know for organising a Nikah at the Masjid.

Nikah is among the Sunnah of Rasulullah (swallallahu alaihi wasallam) and the way to perform the Nikah has been clearly enunciated in the Hadith.

To organise a Nikah at the Masjid, the groom or the bride's wakeel (bride's father or caretaker) need to contact Brother Shahnawaz on 5789 9786 to confirm availability of the Masjid for the proposed date and time.

Once the initial booking is completed, the following will to be submitted at latest 3 weeks before the Nikah date:

  1. The Nikah form filled in by the bride, groom, wakeel and witnesses.
  2. Copies of the National Identity Card of all the abovenamed parties.
  3. Settlement of the Nikah fee (Rs 1,000).

A Nikah certificate will be awarded to the new couple upon completion of the Nikah.

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